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Sunflower Chocolate Spread

Written by Hallie Klecker

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Apricot Coconut Freezer Squares

Written by Hallie Klecker

Gluten Free Nut Free Cereal Squares

Gluten Free Nut Free Cereal Squares Recipe

This Gluten Free Nut Free Cereal Squares recipe is basically the love child of a rice crispy treat and a granola bar. These bars are gluten free, refined sugar free and a whole lot healthier. They are also nut and dairy free. And they happen to be crazy good!

With the temperatures already starting to soar here in Florida I also love the fact that these bars require no baking! I would much rather put my fridge to use than my oven when the thermometer is already flirting around the 90 degree mark.

I am going on a

Gluten Free Seed Fruit Bread

Gluten Free Paleo Seed Fruit Bread Recipe

I had the pleasure recently of meeting Shannon Ford, Mrs. Universe 2011, she is sweet, charming and of course gorgeous. She also happens to be gluten free. She mentioned to me that she felt better after going gluten free but noticed an even bigger difference when she went on a Paleo Diet. This got me thinking.

When I first committed to my gluten free lifestyle and taking charge of my health, my doctor gave me a very clear and concise list of what I could and could not eat. Since my doctor, Dr. Vikki Petersen, is a cutting edge gluten doctor and one of the absolute best doctors in healing the gut, I did what she said.

What I did eat was l

Gluten Free Sunbutter Scones

Gluten Free Sunbutter & Banana Scones Recipe

I can’t think of a better way to start off a lovely Sunday than with gluten free scones. Scones just make even a normal day seem a little special. Perhaps the only thing better than gluten free scones would be scones that are also dairy free, nut free and vegan. Oh, and super tasty too!

The inspiration for these particular scones came from a lonely over-ripe banana. I just have a thing about not throwing away bananas. When they start getting too ripe to eat I usually stick them in my freezer to hang out until I get enough to make a loaf of banana nut bread or some muffins. But lately my hubby has been giving me grief about my, shall we call them idiosyncrasies? To listen to him you would think I am a crazy jar/bottle/frozen banana hoarder lady. So instead of risking a surprise visit from Peter Walsh I decided to just use the banana up. One lonely banana is not enough for bread or muffins and I wasn’t in a smoothie kind of mood so scones it was!

To stretch out the banana I combined it with

Gluten Free Nut Free Amazing Chicken

Gluten Free Nut Free Thai Amazing Chicken Recipe

This recipe is not just gluten free, nut free, soy free and dairy free, quick and easy to prepare, super inexpensive and healthy as all get out, it is also (wait for it…) AMAZING!

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