Close up of wasabi dip in a bowl made of cabbage

Wasabi Dip with Crudités

Whether you’re watching football (I hear there’s an important game in a couple weeks), hosting an intimate gathering (perhaps a re-planned wedding; something small because of the pandemic), or you just want to

Teriyaki Black Bean Burgers

Teriyaki Black Bean Burgers

My son is not only gluten-free but vegan, so when having a summer barbecue I like to make sure I make something that he can eat that looks and feels like what the rest of the family might be eating – i.e. black bean burgers instead of

Follow Your Heart Vegan

Follow Your Heart

A Vegan Company that Lives Up to its Name Condiments are often a cause for concern for those on a gluten-free diet. Not just that, but those who are vegan or vegetarian can often have difficulty finding condiments that suit their dietary preferences. Companies like Follow Your Heart not only keep customer needs in mind, but also take […]

Gluten Free Vegan Crab Dip Recipe

Gluten Free & Vegan “Crab” Dip Recipe

Holiday party planning is in full swing around here. The halls have been decked, the presents wrapped and now it is time for the partying to begin!

Every year I host a holiday cocktail party. This year I had some challenges when planning the menu. Long ago I figured out the gluten free aspect but this year I have multiple food sensitivities and eating preferences to deal with. I never want someone to come to my home and not be able to find something to eat.

Gluten Free Vegan Summer Provencal Feast

Gluten Free Provencal Summer Vegetable Feast

I was reading the Wall Street Journal a few weeks ago and came across a recipe that inspired me to make this gluten free, vegan, summertime Provencal Feast.

What surprises you most about that sentence? The fact that I was reading the Wall Street Journal or that there are recipes in there?

If you are impressed with

Gluten Free Tempura Artichoke Hearts with Vegan Goody Goody Sauce

Gluten Free Tempura Artichoke Hearts with Vegan Goody-Goody Sauce Recipe

As a person who has been transplanted from the San Francisco Bay area of California to the Tampa Bay area of Florida there are things I miss about California; the culture, the progressive restaurants (many of which have a great selection of gluten free recipes available) and the divergence of locals all in easy reach of one another.

In fourty-five minutes I could be one of the most beautiful cities in the world or, driving the same amount of time in the opposite direction, in a quaint, hippy collage town on the beach. In half that time I could be hiking in the hills. In about 4 hours I could be in Lake Tahoe; water sports and gaming in the summer, skiing (and gaming) in the winter. I was surrounded by Silicon Valley with its high energy, high tech, big business feel but a short car ride ended me up in

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