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‘Tis the season for appetizers

Ah, the holidays. A magical time of family, friends, and FOOD! If you’re the type to stalk Instagram and Pinterest for holiday food inspiration or mosey past the sample booth at your local grocery store one too many times to try the holiday hors d’oeuvres they’re cooking up, then you understand the true magic of the holidays!

Appetizers, in my opinion, are where you can truly shine this season. Sure, main dishes, desserts, and sides are all essential to the big holiday meals, but many dishes have to remain traditional, lest you want to anger the masses! Appetizers are where you can get creative and you can even make an entire party out of appetizers and cocktails instead of serving a complete meal. One of my favorite, new go-to additions to my appetizer spread is ParmCrisps.

ParmCrisps Appetizers

ParmCrisps are a delicious, 100% Parmesan cheese crisp that can be eaten as-is, with a spread, crumbled onto a salad, used as bread crumbs, and so much more! There are countless things you can do with these. Simply adding them to a charcuterie and cheese spread will get your guests’ attention and will be a change from traditional crackers. What’s even better is these are naturally gluten-free, grain-free, and are very, very low in lactose, making them ideal for serving to a crowd with diverse food allergies/intolerances.

If you want something special to serve guests this holiday season, try making some appetizers with ParmCrisps!

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