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2018 Gluten-Free Holiday Gift Ideas

She sees you when you’re eating, she knows when you want food … she knows when you want healthy products, and she knows what’s really good! Carol Claus is coming to town!

What do you give the person who has everything? Or the person who usually only wants a gift card, but you want to give something more personal? Check out some of my gift ideas below, featuring some of my favorite gluten-free products.

For the Wine Lover

Start with a good bottle of wine (or two) and add a few containers of ParmCrisps, a fruit spread, and, depending on the recipient’s diet, some sausage or prosciutto, fancy cheese, and/or candied nuts. It’s the ultimate cheese and wine platter that you can customize. If the recipient is lactose intolerant, leave out the fancy cheese but keep the ParmCrisps. Since they are made with 100% Parmesan cheese, which is extremely low in lactose, these are generally very well tolerated by those with lactose intolerance. That means they can have their cheese and feel good, too!

ParmCrisps Holiday Gift Idea

For the Baker

For this gift, take your pick of any one of the gift sets from Lilly Bean by Pastry Base. These sets are ready to give just as they are, but you can always throw in some additional items to expand the gift set. For example, this is a wonderful gift to give someone who recently moved into a new house because you could add a set of mixing bowls, a spatula, and some tea towels. They’ll get the experience of baking and eating some delicious treats while also getting some kitchen gadgets. Or, if you know someone with a child, give this gift set with matching mother and child aprons to make it extra-special. My favorite part about these sets is that they are not only gluten-free but also vegan, making them appropriate gifts for nearly anyone on your list!

Pastry Base Holiday Gift

For the Fitness Buff

If you know someone who loves working out or someone who is trying to get in shape and would love some extra motivation, this is the gift for them. Start with one of Paleo Pro’s protein powders and add the Paleo Recovery Powder and their shaker cup. You can then put all the items in a sports backpack or throw in some workout clothes or a couple books on fitness or healthy cooking, and this becomes a complete wellness gift package that your recipient is sure to appreciate!

Paleo Pro Holiday Gift

For the Early Bird

Know someone who loves going to brunch or who gets up extra early for work? This is a fun gift idea that is great for those recipients and is also a good one for those who are new to gluten-free. Breakfast seems to be tricky for people who are just starting out on a GF diet, so giving them some foods they can eat is very thoughtful. Start with an assortment of Canyon Bakehouse’s bagels and English muffins, then add a couple good fruit or nut spreads or perhaps a fancy bag of coffee and a couple cute coffee mugs. Put it all in a nice gift basket and you’re good to go!

Canyon Bakehouse Holiday Gift

For the Health-Conscious

If you know someone who is a fan of natural medicine or essential oils, this gift idea might be right up their alley. Depending on your recipient and the types of ailments they might have or the results they’re trying to achieve with essential oils, you’ll want to get a variety of Ancient Apothecary’s essential oils – maybe 3-4 – and then add a diffuser and perhaps a book about essential oils. Or, you can opt for a mix of essential oils and Ancient Apothecary’s natural supplements like turmeric or holy basil. This gift is definitely geared towards health and wellness, so it’s good to know your recipient well enough to know what kinds of ailments he/she has so that you get the right products. If you aren’t sure, lavender is usually a good choice and you can pair that with a diffuser and a yoga mat for the ultimate relaxation/meditation gift!

Ancient Apothecary Holiday Gift

For the Sweet Tooth

This one is great for those who are new to gluten-free and haven’t been able to find desserts they like. You can give them an assortment of products from Better Bites Bakery and put them in a cute gift box. Or, if you’re going to a party and want to bring a hostess gift, get a couple boxes of the cake balls and make a cake pop bouquet. Simply thaw the cake balls if frozen, then piece a hole in the bottom of each ball using a sharp skewer and insert a long popsicle stick into each ball. Gather them together and place them in a nice vase or other container, using a piece of foam at the bottom to hold the sticks in place, if needed. There are several ideas on Pinterest for cake pop bouquets, so you can see what kind of look you want to go for. Present this beautiful, edible bouquet to the party host and you’ll be in good graces all night long!

Better Bites Bakery Holiday Gift

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