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Gluten Intolerance Group hosts virtual event about GF testing

Ever wonder how companies ensure their products are gluten-free? How do we know the food we eat is truly gluten-free? We rely on labeling, right? Certification marks are a big deal to many of us on a gluten-free diet, but there is a whole process of testing behind those certification labels that many of us don’t know much about. Coming up in about a week, the Gluten Intolerance Group is hosting a virtual event about gluten-free testing for foods. Their expert panelists will explain the details of testing to give you a better understanding of how it helps assure that your gluten-free food is safe. They’ll also discuss special considerations that impact how to interpret results of personal test kits used for prepared foods.

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The Deets:

“Is There Gluten in That Food? The Ins and Outs of Testing”
December 8th, 5 pm PST/ 8 pm EST
Click here for Zoom registration

• Justin Bickford, Ph.D. Scientific Director, ELISA Technologies, Inc.
• Luke Emerson, President/ Laboratory Director, Bia Diagnostics Laboratories
• Laura Allred, Ph.D., Regulatory Manager GFCO Certification Program

This session will cover:
• Why testing for gluten is so complicated
• The use of rapid test kits, both by industry and individuals
• The interpretation of test results
• Why you might get a positive result with one kit and not another
• “Hot spots” and the averaging of test results
• Challenges with taking samples from whole grains
• GFCO testing overview

About our Panelists:
Justin Bickford is the Scientific Director at ELISA Technologies. He works with staff, customers, and governments globally to help ensure products are free of gluten and allergens. He serves on multiple advisory boards on science education and credentialing.
Luke Emerson-Mason is the President and Laboratory Director at Bia Diagnostics, an independent ISO 17025 accredited contract testing lab specializing in food allergen and gluten analysis. He is responsible for ensuring the quality of test results, as well as researching and validating new methods and managing customer projects
Laura Allred has been the Regulatory Manager for the GFCO Certification Program since 2015. Her doctoral work was ion immunology, specializing in autoimmune diseases. Prior to coming to GFCO, Laura ran a private laboratory that performed gluten and allergen analysis and developed gluten test kits.

Register here for the virtual event!

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