LivOn Labs Glutathione Fall Sale

Support your immune system this holiday season with LivOn Labs supplements

With Thanksgiving just days away, it’s a good idea to be taking your vitamins! Gathering with family and friends under one roof means joy, laughter, and (not to ruin this lovely thought) but also a potential spread of germs. So, why not support your immune system this holiday season with LivOn Labs supplements? Their vitamin C and glutathione supplements are ideal for immune system support.

If you haven’t heard of LivOn Labs or you’re asking yourself “what is glutathione?” then keep reading – I’ll explain!

LivOn Labs is a company that produces liposomal supplements. Lipo-what? Liposomal supplements are encapsulated in a way that allows them to bypass the usual route that vitamins take, essentially surviving through the digestive tract and getting delivered straight to your cells and your bloodstream. There is a lot more to this science than I’ve explained here, so if you’re interested, you can click here to read the science behind LivOn Labs.

Next question … what is glutathione? Glutathione is the body’s master antioxidant. Our bodies produce their own glutathione but, like many things within the human body, these levels can be depleted by poor diet, pollution, toxins, stress, and aging. LivOn Labs glutathione contains a brand of glutathione called Setria, which is scientifically shown to raise blood glutathione levels by 30% and double your body’s natural killer cell activity. Glutathione supports the immune system, helps protect cells from free radical damage, supports a healthy liver, and more.

LivOn Labs Vitamin C Fall Sale

Lastly, vitamin C of course is a well-known immune system supporter, so it’s always a good idea to boost your vitamin C intake during times like these (chillier weather, more social gatherings, cold/flu season).

LivOn Labs will be having a Cyber Monday deal next Monday, but if you want to stock up sooner, you can use the special deal we have with them, where our readers will get a sample 2-pack of all 6 supplements for FREE with any purchase.

Cheers to a healthy holiday season!

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