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Find Your Home For Healing With The Our Serendipity App

With the month of love coming to an end, I think it is a good time to mention our new favorite app over here at Gluten Free & More that is about to launch: Our Serendipity. The Our Serendipity app is designed to help those with autoimmune diseases to thrive and take back control of their health. This app includes everything from weekly recipes to forums to gentle guided movements and meditations to help those fighting invisible illnesses. We have partnered with Our Serendipity by featuring our recipes in their recipe section for some delicious and safe foods that will have you feeling good from the inside out.

Two of my favorite features of this app are the forums and marketplaces. The forums give you and sense of community and knowledge that you are not alone in this fight with autoimmune diseases. You are able to find a group of people on this app that knows exactly what you are going through in this forum space. These forums are here to support and give ideas to help take back control of your own health. This feature is all about seeking community in what can be a very isolating time.

A screen shot of what the forum page will be.

The marketplace is a one-stop shop for any products designed to meet the needs of people living with autoimmune diseases. This is a great resource in the app to help find instructors that you love and products that make you feel at your best. This marketplace is great to find new foods to try and products that are made for people living with autoimmune diseases.

The Our Serendipity app is set to launch mid-March. Sign up now and be the first to know when the app launches and join a community of people who want to better themselves in a place where we can all grow together!

Join the Our Serendipity sign-up list now!

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