Gluten Free 5 Minute Hot Chocolate Cake Recipe

5 Minute Gluten Free Hot Chocolate Cake

Have you ever had that feeling that you must have chocolate cake and you must have it now?

It happens to me all the time but it feels more like this – “MUST HAVE CHOCOLATE CAKE NOW!!!”

That’s the beauty of this quick recipe

Potatoes Leeks Soup 315x450.jpg

Potato Leek Soup


5 Ingredient Gluten-Free Summer Salads

5 Ingredient Gluten-Free Summer Salads Summer is a time for picnics, potlucks, and cookouts. It is also a time for taking advantage of the bounty of the season. Whether you are hosting a casual summer get-together or attending one, any of these five-ingredient salad (not including water, oil, salt, and pepper,) will be a welcome […]

Gluten Free Mini Meat Loaves

Mini Meat Loaves

These mini meat loaves are simple and only use 5 ingredients to make (not including water, oil, salt and pepper).

Gluten Free Sunbutter Crunch Granola

Sunbutter Crunch Granola

Continuing on with my goal to eat more breakfast in 2013 I came up with this quick recipe for gluten free, nut free granola crunch. This recipe has just 5 ingredients, requires hardly any work and best of all, can be made ahead and stored in an airtight container for when the need to crunch strikes you.

Personally I like to layer this crunch with non-fat Greek yogurt and berries in a sort of parfait. I mean, who doesn’t like eating dessert for breakfast?

Gluten Free Coconut Fish Sticks Recipe

Gluten Free Coconut Fish Sticks Recipe

Growing up I very rarely ate prepared frozen foods. We sat down to dinner for a freshly cooked, lovingly prepared meal every night. The exception was on nights when my parents went out and we were treated to T.V. dinners, chicken pot pies and fish sticks. Oh how I loved those nights! I particularly loved the fish sticks.

These days I don’t particularly want to eat frozen prepared food but I still like fish sticks. It’s just that nowadays I like my fish sticks with a little more pizazz than the frozen ones we had on my parent’s date night.

With 5 ingredients (and I do mean 5!) and about 30 minutes you can whip up these toasty, coconut crusted gluten free fish sticks that I am sure your family will love. And by the way, those 5 ingredients even include a simple but amazing sauce.

Steam up some carrot sticks or broccoli

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