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Corned Beef & Cabbage

This corned beef & cabbage will surely be a hit on the dinner table!


Unstuffed Cabbage Casserole

This dish has all the flavors of traditional stuffed cabbage in casserole form. It makes a hearty, filling meal with plenty of leftovers.

Roasted Cabbage with “Cheesy” Sauce

Going to a summer potluck this summer? Make something everyone can enjoy like this Roasted Cabbage with “Cheesy” Sauce. Not only is cabbage packed with vitamin C but it is also good for your digestive system. Best of all this recipe is gluten-free and vegan. To make this side dish you cut the cabbage into […]

A close up of three Chicken Tikka Pita Kit on a white plate.

Gluten-Free Chicken Tikka Pita Kit

Add a little bit of spice to your dinner with this Chicken Tikka Pita Kit. It is a quick and easy meal to make with only having

Overhead view of Stuffed Cabbage Rolls on a white plate on a white table with light teal cloth napkin

Lentil-Stuffed Cabbage

Need a nice, warm dish on a chilly fall day? Look no further than this classic comfort food dish – Lentil-Stuffed Cabbage. This is a Polish recipe that my late husband’s family used to make, and it brings back memories and nothing but smiles when I eat it. This is a vegetarian dish that uses lentils and cauliflower rice for the

Overhead view of Tofu Veggie Buddha Bowls in a white bowl on a white marble counter with light pink cloth napkin on the side

Tofu Veggie Buddha Bowls

I imagine you’re soon going to have a lot of hearty, comforting foods on hand like mashed potatoes and stuffing and lots and lots of pie! With Thanksgiving around the corner, I thought I’d share with you a recipe that is light and full of veggies – the opposite of what you’ll be eating next week. Despite how fresh these Tofu Veggie Buddha Bowls are, they’re also

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