Cherry Pie Bars

These scrumptious bars taste like cherry pie but with half the work!

Close-up of Angela's Ham dotted with pineapple and cherries on a bed of greens with figs and cherries surrounding the ham

Angela’s Ham

With just 5 ingredients, Angela’s Ham is a simple and delicious recipe that goes beyond the glaze packet that comes with a spiral ham. It’s a spruced-up ham fit for your holiday dinner table!

Brownie Milkshake in a tall glass with chocolate syrup and cherries

Gluten-Free Brownie Milkshake

Treat yourself to something chilly this summer. Something reminiscent of childhood. Something you’d usually only get at an ice cream shop but you can just as easily make it at home. A milkshake! This Gluten-Free Brownie Milkshake is just what you need to

Overhead view of white plates with French Toast Sticks with Cherry Sauce and a yellow cloth napkin on the side

Gluten-Free French Toast Sticks with Vitamin D Fortified Cherry Sauce

This French toast has a purpose! I mean, other than being deliciously satisfying. This recipe has the added benefit of liquid vitamin D3 in it. Whether you’re trying to get your kids to take their vitamins, or you want to boost the nutrients they’re getting in meals, these

Bourbon Cherry Kale Salad on a white plate on a pink background

Cherry Kale Salad with Almond Oat Granola

With cherries in the salad and cherries in the dressing, this kale salad is bursting with flavor! Plus, you’ll love the crunchy almond oat granola that ties it all together.

Pork Medallions & Cauliflower with Pinot Cherry Sauce over mashed potatoes on a white plate on a wooden serving tray with salad and red wine in the background

Pork Medallions & Cauliflower with Pinot Cherry Sauce

This Pork Medallions & Cauliflower with Pinot Cherry Sauce recipe is a delicious way to cook with wine. Great for a Friday night meal.

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