Gluten Free Blush Spritzer

Blush Spritzer Recipe

Need a pretty little cocktail to celebrate this Valentine’s Day? I think this Blush Spritzer should do the trick.

This cocktail is a spin on a gin and tonic, with a little romance thrown in

Gluten Free Gin Gimlet

Ginebra Gimlet Recipe

Apparently back in the day British naval officers were ordered to drink lime juice on voyages to prevent scurvy. Unfortunately lime juice does not keep well on long voyages so a Royal Navy Admiral named Gimlette figured out to preserve the lime juice in gin. Now, I am not exactly sure what scurvy is but I am fairly certain I don’t want to get it! If I have to drink gin and lime juice to keep from getting scurvy, well so be it.

Gluten Free Spatini

Gluten Free Spatini Cocktail Recipe

Ever been to a spa? I have and I love them! They are serene, quiet, and people pamper you – what’s not to love?

This cocktail is inspired by some of my favorite spa trips. It has a clean, refreshing taste and you know how spas always have those pitchers of water with cucumber and citrus slices? Well, this cocktail could replace that cucumber citrus water. Assuming that spas let you replace water with gin (which would pretty much make it the best spa ever!)

White Linen 3.jpg

White Linen

Written by Jennifer Peñas.

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