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Easy Turkey Gravy

I like to avoid the stress of having to make gravy at the last minute. This gravy does not rely on the drippings from the turkey, so it can be made ahead. Make it up to a day ahead and store covered in the refrigerator. Gently heat in a saucepan before serving. The views and […]

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Pork Roast with Cider Gravy


Quick Gluten Free Thanksgiving

Gluten Free Quick Thanksgiving Dinner Recipes

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. The internet is a-buzz with recipes and tips for feeding a crowd. But what if you don’t have a crowd to feed? What if you don’t have all day to prepare a feast? What if there is no way on this earth you will ever use up a whole turkey, even with a zillion left-over turkey recipes?

Does this mean you have to be deprived on Thanksgiving? No! Here is a whole gluten free Thanksgiving dinner for six that is quick, easy, and stress free

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Cider-Glazed Turkey with Apple Brandy Gravy

Written by Kim Maes

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Gluten-Free Gravy Recipe


Gluten Free Turkey Meatballs with Orange Cranberry Gravy

Gluten Free Turkey Meatballs with Orange Cranberry Gravy Recipe

A simple holiday appetizer with all the flavors of a holiday meal and none of the work! Also great for an easy weeknight dinner. Dairy free