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SunButter and Jelly Ice Cream

The other day our editor told me she had such a craving for ice cream that she nearly chased down an ice cream truck. That got me thinking about all the frozen treats that were so delicious and seemingly magical as a kid. Nowadays, as an adult, I think we can

Gluten Free Sunbutter & Jelly Granola

Gluten Free Sunbutter & Jelly Granola Recipe

There is something about summer that makes me much more health conscious than other times of the year. I want to eat healthier, drink more water, exercise more, sleep more, take my vitamins…

I would like to think it is because summer seems to

Gluten Free Sunbutter and Jelly Mug Cake

Gluten Free Sunbutter and Jelly Mug Cake Recipe

What do you do when you want something sweet and delicious for dessert and you want it to be easy and you want it now? And you are not in the mood for ice cream or packaged cookies, you are in the mood for something homemade?

Mug cakes are the answer! A little stirring, a minute

Gluten free Quick Fruit Herb Jams

Simple Fruit Herb Jam Recipe

Every once in a while I get this idea that I am someone I’m not. Like when I decide I’m really Martha Stewart and can fashion a 10 foot Christmas tree out of gilded pinecones. Or when I decide I’m really

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Jelly Donut Muffins

Written by Cara Lyons

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Honey Lemon Apple Jam

Written by Jeanne Sauvage
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