Eggnog&Coffee Cocktail

Eggnog & Coffee

Written by Jennifer Peñas

Holiday Mint Cocoa 301x450 1.jpg

Holiday Mint Cocoa

Written by Jennifer Peñas

Gluten Free Fall in Vermont cocktail

Fall in Vermont

Written by Jennifer Peñas

Gluten Free Coffee Cocoa Almond Macaroons

Coffee Cocoa Almond Macaroons

I cleaned and organized my office this past Sunday. It was a chore that was long past due! I found a couple unpaid bills (yikes!), a winning lottery ticket (woo hoo, I can now afford to buy exactly two of my favorite gluten free macaroons) and a stack of magazines I was saving for when I had time to read them.

After I had everything organized and in ship shape I felt I deserved

Gluten Free Kahlua and Cream Flan Recipe

Gluten Free Mexican Dinner Party Part 5 – Kahlua and Cream Flan Recipe

Finally, the last installment for the gluten-free Mexican Dinner Party for 6: Kahlua and Cream Flan.

I must admit, the photo for this dessert is not very good. However, there is a really great reason that the picture is not very good. See, the flan was delicious. So delicious it clouded my judgment. I was in such a hurry to eat it

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