Berry Lemonade Spritzer

Lemon Berry Spritzer Recipe

This Lemon Berry Spritzer Recipe is ideal for 4th of July entertaining. It’s a non-alcoholic drink, but feel free to add a shot of vodka for the adults!

Summer Splash 1 598x400 1.jpg

Summer Splash (non-alcoholic)

Featuring grenadine, peach puree and lemonade, this Summer Splash (non-alcoholic) recipe is a delicious summer cocktail without the booze!

Pink Lemonade Shandy 1.jpg

Pink Lemonade Shandy

Written by Jennifer Penas

back porch breeze 474x450 1.jpg

Back Porch Breeze

Written by Jennifer Peñas

Summertime Breeze Drink 1.jpg

Summertime Breeze

Written by Jennifer Peñas

Muddled Strawberry Lemonade 405x450 1.jpg

Muddled Strawberry Lemonade

Written by Jennifer Peñas

Sept-Oct Cover 2023



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