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Gluten Free Pumpkin Butter Recipe

Written by Stephanie O’Dea

Sunflower Chocolate Spread 269x400 1.jpg

Sunflower Chocolate Spread

Written by Hallie Klecker

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Cinnamon Fig Spread

Written by Hallie Klecker

Gluten Free, Pectin Free, Sugar Free Blueberry Jam Recipe

Gluten Free Blueberry Jam Recipe

A seriously simple recipe for blueberry jam that is refined sugar free, pectin free and requires no canning skills whatsoever! 4 ingredients – 20 minutes!

Gluten Free Easy Strawberry Jam Recipe

Gluten Free Strawberry Jam Recipe

Many summers ago I woke up with an almost overwhelming urge to connect with the brave frontier women who came before me by taking perfectly sun ripened fruit and turning it into jam thus preserving the bounty of the harvest for the long hard winter to come.

I set off early, purchasing enormous pots, sterilizing equipment, cute jars and

Gluten Free Roasted Vegetable Spread & Flax Meal Crackers Recipe

Gluten Free Roasted Vegetable Spread & Flax Meal Crackers Recipe

I like to nibble. I like little bites of tasty goodness. I like yummy things on salty crackers. Maybe I like it just a tad too much. My scale mockingly flashed a pretty unacceptable number at me this morning and I swear I saw it smirk.

So after a couple months of indulging in tidbits of fatty meats, creamy cheeses, and sugary sweets it may just be time to