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The slogan for Tillen Farms is “pickled to perfection” and I have to say I agree. Their pickled vegetables, which include asparagus, beans, peppers and carrots, are crispy, gorgeous and packed with flavor. It seems that each vegetable is picked at the exact moment it has achieved the perfect degree of ripeness and then pickled in a way that somehow gives them a great pickled flavor while still retaining the integrity of the vegetable. And did I mention that they are crispy? Seriously? How do they do that? (Secret: When I pressed the owner, I got, “We can’t reveal all our trade secrets but unlike most competitors, we don’t “cook” our products in the jar and we use a “fresh pack” processing method that retains the veggies flavor and crispness.”) It sure works!

The pickled veggies make unique garnishes for cocktails – instead of the typical celery stick in a Bloody Mary, how about a Crispy Asparagus spear or two? Want a new twist on the Dirty Martini? After polishing off a jar of Hot and Spicy Pickled Crispy Beans, save the juice for shaking in with your cocktail – fabulous!

The pickled vegetables are a welcome addition to any antipasto platter and make unique stir-ins that will update classic salads such as potato and gluten free pasta. Tillen Farms also bottles up some of the best sun dried tomatoes you have ever tried.

Their newest addition is the gorgeous Bada Bing Cherries – huge, rich, ripe, Bing Cherries harvested from the Pacific Northwest at the peak of freshness and available all year long thanks to Tillen Farms. Tillen Farms makes Merry Maraschinos – beautiful cherries made without red dye or high fructose corn syrup.

I can highly recommend the products from Tillen Farms – they start with raw ingredients of the highest quality, processed without the use of gluten, sulfites, preservatives, artificial ingredients, corn syrup and dyes. They also happen to be fat and cholesterol free and low calorie foods which makes these delicious snacks just the thing when one wants to maintain a healthy weight or shed a few pounds. Find them in stores every where or order from their website.

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