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Meet Jourdan and Harper, the dynamic father-daughter duo behind Oat Boss Granola Butter, where the pursuit of a delectable nut-butter alternative transformed into a family venture. Jourdan, who navigates life with a nut allergy, discovered that his daughter, Harper, shared a similar fate. Together, they embarked on a mission to create not just any alternative but the best-tasting nut-butter alternative on the market.

Oat Boss, the brainchild of this allergen-friendly family team, stands as a testament to their core mission—to provide individuals and families grappling with food allergies with a phenomenal nut butter alternative that is entirely allergen-free. The secret ingredient? A dedication to using the highest quality, certified organic, and gluten-free oats.

The genesis of Oat Boss was rooted in years of frustration with the lack of a nut-free butter alternative that Jourdan truly loved and could share with his entire family. As someone who dealt with a severe nut allergy throughout his life, the constant struggle to find safe, cross-contamination-free products led him to take matters into his own hands. The spark of this idea eventually ignited a flame of creativity and determination.

Recognizing the scarcity of exceptional nut-free butter alternatives in the market, Jourdan and Harper set out to create the world’s best-tasting granola butter—Oat Boss. Free from the Top 9 allergens (tree-nuts, peanuts, sesame, dairy, wheat, soy, fish, shellfish, and egg), Oat Boss Granola Butters come in seven delicious flavors, including Donut, Chocolate Chip & Blueberry Muffin; promising to be a household favorite.

In a world where dietary restrictions often pose challenges, Oat Boss stands out as a flavorful solution that doesn’t compromise on taste or quality. Join the Oat Boss family on a journey of allergen-free indulgence, where each jar of granola butter tells a story of dedication, love, and a commitment to creating a product that’s not just a spread but a family tradition in the making.

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