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Recommends: Nuco Coconut

I’m going to premise this by saying that I’m not a huge fan of coconut. That said, I still really enjoy Nuco Coconut’s products. Made with simple, pure ingredients, this brand is definitely onto something!

Nuco Coconut offers coconut wraps, coconut oil, coconut cereal, coconut vegan mayonnaise, and coconut vinegar. Wraps, mayo, and vinegar made from coconut? Yes! Better believe it … because it really is a thing, and it’s pretty unique.

Coconut vinegar is coconut sap that is fermented into a vinegar (with the “mother”), making it an all-natural alternative to apple cider vinegar. Coconut vegan mayonnaise is coconut oil, avocado oil, vinegar, pea protein, and some other natural ingredients that add to the flavor and texture and might I say, it’s wonderful! My son is vegetarian and can’t have eggs either, so this is great to have on-hand for when he comes to visit. And then there’s the coconut wraps. These wraps are durable, but not in an I-can’t-chew-this kind of way. They are durable in the sense that they can hold up to being folded, wrapped, opened back up and re-wrapped, spread with mayonnaise and sauces and layered with meats and veggies … you get the idea! Unlike many wraps I’ve tried that don’t really wrap at all, that tear apart when you start folding them, these wraps are strong. The flavor is undeniably coconutty if you try them on their own, but once you put ingredients on them and wrap them up, the flavor becomes more neutral and the taste of your ingredients truly shines.

If you’re looking for something new and different to try, if you’re avoiding grains (perhaps you’re Keto or Paleo), or if you’re tired of the same ol’ fall-apart wraps, give Nuco Coconut a try!

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