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Practice self care this fall + celebrate National Vodka Day!

It’s October already, can you believe it? Fall is in the air, even here in Florida (well, so far so good, but we can always go back to scorching hot any day). With fall in the air, the feeling of basking in the beautiful weather and taking time to enjoy your surroundings tends to take over; and with that, so does the desire to practice self care, whether it’s soaking in the tub, getting a pedicure, eating hearty whole foods, drinking smoothies and taking supplements, or focusing on skincare.

Here are some of our favorite products to help with self care in one way or another!

LivOn Labs VitaminC Shot

LivOn Labs Liposomal Supplements

Lipo-what? Liposomal! LivOn Labs is a company that sells liposomal supplements, which are supplements that bypass the traditional routes of absorption and instead pass through the intestinal wall and into the bloodstream. This is particularly great for people with celiac disease who might have nutrient absorption issues. Available in vitamin C, B complex, magnesium, and more, these supplements come in individual packets that you squeeze into a small amount of water or juice and take it like a shot!

Start your day off with a self-care routine that is quick, simple, and effective!

Explore LivOn Labs supplements

Montana Gluten Free Oats

Montana Gluten Free Organic Oats

It might not seem like self care, but eating a hearty breakfast is important and many people don’t do it! Starting the morning with something simple, clean, and full of fiber and protein is ideal. Montana Gluten Free produces oat-based products, from cream of oats to oat bran to raw oatmeal. Their raw oatmeal is simply rolled oat groats with no heat processing (other oatmeal is often steeped, steamed, or heated in some way). The enzymes in this oatmeal are live and the oats are high in fiber and protein. You can eat this as oatmeal or make homemade granola with it. Whatever way you eat it, it’s delicious and hearty.

Take care in the morning with Montana Gluten Free

Epilynx Cosmetics Creams

Epilynx Gluten Free Makeup & Skincare

Pamper your skin and enhance your beauty with Epilynx cosmetics. Epilynx offers gluten-free and top 14-allergen free cosmetics, created by Dr. Liia Ramachandra, PharmD, PhD, who has endured psoriasis and discovered she had a gluten intolerance. She started off making serums and creams to help improve skin health and complexion and then added vibrant makeup products to the line. Her skincare products are luxurious, from hydrating creams to rejuvenating serums, catering to issues like dryness, irritation, and fine lines and wrinkles. The ultimate in self care products, these luscious products will make you feel special from the outside in.

Discover more about Epilynx cosmetics

Chopin Vodka Cocktail

Celebrate National Vodka Day with Chopin Potato Vodka!

Tomorrow is National Vodka Day! (Yes, that’s a real thing.) What better way to celebrate this day with a little bit of self care in the form of a vodka cocktail?! Chopin Potato Vodka is naturally gluten-free and is the world’s most awarded potato vodka. Its uniquely creamy and full-bodied flavor profile, thanks to the use of potatoes, makes it great served on the rocks or in a strong martini. Chopin’s potatoes are grown without chemicals or pesticides and uses a simple list of pure, pronounceable ingredients: potatoes, water, and yeast. Unwind at the end of the long work week with one of Chopin’s delicious cocktail recipes.

Imbibe with Chopin

CV Acute Immune Support

CV Sciences NEW CV Acute

CV Sciences is known for its PlusCBD products, but they’ve recently launched some products that do not contain CBD and instead have herbal ingredients, like the new CV Acute immune support formula. This formula is intended as high-intensity support when the immune system needs an extra kick. This product features some of the most well-studied plants in traditional Chinese Medicine: the fruit of the forsythia, the flower of the honeysuckles, and the root of the Baikal skullcap. You can read about each of these ingredients here. While using this product isn’t self care in the sense of relaxation and general wellbeing, the simple act of having this product on hand in the event that you feel like you’re coming down with a cold or flu is in itself an act of self care, am I right?!

Learn more about CV Acute

Buddha Teas Mushroom Blend

Buddha Teas Mushroom Wellness Blend (and more varieties!)

There’s nothing like sipping a mug of hot, steamy tea to make you feel relaxed. Dip in the bath with a mug of tea in hand and you’ve got yourself a homemade spa day. Buddha Teas is a line of teas made with clean ingredients, unbleached tea bags, no GMOs, and no artificial flavors/colors/preservatives. And boy, do they have variety! They offer herbal teas, green teas, chakra teas (more on that in a future blog post), black teas, loose leaf teas, and more. Today, let’s talk about their Mushroom Wellness Blend. If you haven’t heard of adaptogens like chaga mushrooms, just know that adaptogens help your body respond better to stress. This blend contains not only chaga mushrooms but reishi mushrooms (an anti-inflammatory powerhouse), cordyceps, lion’s mane, and more. This tea is packed with beneficial mushrooms and other ingredients, but it doesn’t taste like mushrooms thanks to the addition of spearmint leaf and lemongrass. This is a staff pick amongst the people at Buddha Teas and it has rave reviews on their website.

Tempt your taste buds with Buddha Teas

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