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With protein powder, the bare essentials are best

When it comes to working on your health and wellness goals, whether they are to work out regularly, get super buff, lose fat and gain muscle, eat healthier, cut back on sugar or empty carbs, or just maintain your current level of health, often times simplicity is key. Simple meals with simple ingredients, plus simple workouts. Whole foods like fruits and vegetables, quality meats, and whole grains like brown rice should be the focus of your meals … in fact, if you always strive to make meals that include “veggie, protein, and (nutrient rich) starch” you’ll usually be good to go! For workouts, think of running, biking, bodyweight squats (then upgrade to weighted squats), lunges, jumping rope, and stretching like yoga or Pilates for flexibility. There’s really no need to complicate things, especially when the most difficult part is usually maintaining your healthy habits or getting started in the first place.

That said, there are certain supplements and foods that can help to not only keep you on track but actually motivate you to keep going. I’m talking about sports nutrition like protein powders, BCAA supplements, collagen powder, pre-workout powder, and more. They each have a purpose and not all of them will be needed for everyone, but just like the diet and exercise tips above (keeping things simple) I believe in keeping your sports nutrition supplements simple, too.

Naked Nutrition is one of those brands that looks as simple from the outside as it is on the inside. They sell products with only the purest ingredients. Their protein powders are loaded with essential amino acids and no artificial sweeteners, colors, or additives. This means there won’t be any red dye #40 for absolutely no reason (who needs that?) and no unpronounceable ingredients (again, who needs that?).

Naked Nutrition Whey Protein and Collagen

Not only are their protein powders made this way, but so are the rest of their products. If you’ve ever been curious about or tried pre-workout powder to boost your stamina for high-endurance workouts, you may already know that many of them have a TON of random ingredients. I’ve seen pre-workout powders with some disturbing disclaimers on them in the past, so knowing that Naked Nutrition makes a pre-workout powder that is actually CLEAN is fantastic for those who want to use pre-workout.

Naked Nutrition has many traditional options like whey protein as well as vegan options like pea protein. You can also find whey protein made from goat’s milk, egg white protein, brown rice protein, and more.

Check out Naked Nutrition protein powder options here. Check out Naked Nutrition supplements here.

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