Photo collage of February 2021 Gluten-Free Product Faves

Gluten-free fave finds for February 2021

This month we’ve gathered some of our favorite gluten-free finds and we’ve compiled them here for you. From gluten-free pasta to baked goods to skincare and more, these are the products we’re loving right now … and we think you will too!

King Arthur Protein Pancakes package with pancakes in the background

King Arthur Gluten Free Pancake & Waffle Mixes

Start the day off deliciously with pancakes that are fit for any type of diet. King Arthur’s Gluten Free Protein Pancake Mix contains 14 grams of plant-based protein, 4 grams of fiber, and 25 grams of whole grains, no added sugar, and can be made egg- and dairy-free. Their Gluten Free Keto Pancake Mix is a low-carb almond flour-based mix containing 10 grams of grain-free protein, no added sugar, and only 4 net carbs. Both mixes are Certified Gluten Free by the GFCO and come in convenient resealable pouches. What I’ve always loved about King Arthur is that they make gluten-free products that don’t make you feel like you’re missing out on anything – they are just as good as their non-gluten-free counterparts and I think we all deserve that kind of quality in a GF product, don’t you? Their pancake mixes are no exception – they’re divine!

Both mixes are available on Amazon or King Arthur’s website, but right now you can get 15% off if you purchase from Use promo code GFP15 for 15% off from 2/22/2021 through 3/7/2021.

Receive 15% off King Arthur Gluten Free Protein Pancake Mix, item 210151, or King Arthur Gluten Free Keto Pancake Mix, item 210152, redeemable at Enter promotion code GFP15 at checkout. Offer cannot be applied to previous or pending purchases. Offer valid through 3/7/2021 11:59pm Eastern Time.

Cassava Beef Empanadas on a wooden cutting board with habanero peppers in the background

Cassava Gluten-Free Empanadas

When is the last time you’ve bit into a delicious gluten-free empanada? Cassava’s delicious ready-to-bake empanadas are made in a dedicated gluten-free facility without artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. The majority of their fillings (and they have a lot of filling choices!) are either baked or steamed, with no added oils at all. Those that do use oils use only unrefined coconut oil, butter, or 100% grass-fed beef tallow – no highly-processed vegetable oils!

Cassava makes their empanada crust out of – you guessed it – cassava flour. All of their ingredients from the crust to the filling are wholesome and delicious, and they come in several varieties from savory to sweet to meat to vegetarian.

Discover the many varieties at

Breton Garlic and Herb Crackers with mozzarella, tomato, and balsamic vinegar drizzled on top

Breton Crackers from Dare Foods

Dare Foods has a long history that dates back to 1892 in Canada. Throughout the decades, they’ve managed to become a pioneer in food allergy awareness. In 2003 they became one of North America’s first major food manufacturers to declare its manufacturing facilities peanut-free. In 2006 they partnered with Food Allergy Canada to help educate about foods that can cause allergic reactions in kids. And then in 2013 they launched the first certified gluten-free cracker, endorsed by the Canadian Celiac Association. That cracker is Breton and it’s now certified gluten free by the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness, plus it’s free from artificial colors and flavors, cholesterol free and peanut free. These light and crispy crackers are delicious and pair well with a multitude of toppings and spreads. They’re available in Original with Flax, Herb and Garlic, White Bean with Salt and Pepper, and Black Bean with Onion and Garlic.

Learn more here or visit Amazon to purchase Breton crackers online

Epilynx Facial Serums on a silver platter with pearls and candles

EpiLynx Skincare Serums

Skin is our largest organ, so we should treat it right! That means no allergens, synthetic fragrances, harsh chemicals, and irritants – especially for those with psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis herpetiformis (the skin rash associated with celiac disease) and sensitive skin. While gluten is too large of a molecule to penetrate the skin, it can get into your body through other means – cuts and blemishes, the mouth, nose, and eyes. All of these key factors are why EpiLynx keeps allergens, including gluten, out of their skincare and makeup products. While we’ve discussed EpiLynx a few times on the blog, today we’ll talk about their serums and fantastic they make your skin look and feel. The purpose of serums is to repair and renew cells, promoting collagen and moisture levels in the skin to give it a better appearance. EpiLynx offers a few different serums, but my favorite is their Sunrise Serum for the morning and Rejuvenation Night Serum for bedtime.

Learn more about EpiLynx face serums

Flax4Life Hawaiian Muffins on a plate with a bite taken out of the muffin

Flax4Life Hawaiian Pineapple Muffins

Blueberry muffins are a classic, but have you tried muffins with the flavors of Hawaii? I’m talking pineapple, coconut, and ginger together in a gluten-free muffin! Flax4Life has done it and it’s delicious. As their name suggests, their products contain flaxseeds, a healthy seed that contains fiber and omega-3s. Their Hawaiian Pineapple Muffins give you the taste of the island in a convenient muffin that you can eat for breakfast, as an afternoon snack, or even dessert. They’re not only gluten-free but dairy-free and nut-free and each muffin contains 4460 mg of omega-3s, 7 grams of fiber, and 9 grams of protein. I love the dried pineapple, toasted coconut, and crystallized ginger that are speckled throughout these muffins – it gives them great texture and flavor.

Order Flax4Life muffins and see the other products they offer

Gem City Chocolate Cakes on a white trivet with red and white checkered napkins underneath

Gem City Flourless Chocolate Torte

Flourless. Chocolate. Torte. Combine these three words and you have the most decadent, delicious dessert that simply must be shared with others. Rich, melt-in-your mouth chocolate torte is the ultimate treat to share with your family after dinner. It pairs beautifully with a hot cup of coffee, too! These come in a 4-pack of 3-inch cakes, which is great if it’s just you or if you want to snuggle on the couch with your significant other and indulge a little. Or you can order the 6-inch to share with more people or even their 2-pack of 6-inch cakes so you can eat one now and freeze one for later. The best way to describe these is decadent. Or maybe rich. Or perhaps mouth-watering. Either way, you won’t be disappointed. Gem City is not just Certified Gluten Free but they are also a nut-free facility.

Explore the many delicious options Gem City has to offer, including a Carrot Cake – just in time for spring and Easter!

Gluten-Free Prairie Founder Deb Wheaton in a field holding oats

Gluten Free Prairie’s Purity Protocol Oats

Pictured here is Deb Wheaton, co-founder of Gluten Free Prairie. Deb has celiac, so she gets it. She’s passionate about creating safe gluten-free products that people can feel good about eating, without preservatives, GMO ingredients, or anything that’s not wholesome. Though oats are naturally gluten-free, they can often be cross contaminated in the fields or during processing. Gluten Free Prairie oats come from fields that are safe, from equipment that is used specifically for their gluten-free oats only, and handled with the utmost care. This family owned and family run company brings you oatmeal, oat groats, oat flour, granola, baking mixes, and their delicious Hunger Buster Cookie that’s practically a meal in a cookie! Check out Gluten Free Prairie’s website, watch some of their videos, and browse their social media and tell me you don’t think they’re the most adorable family – and who wouldn’t want to support good products from a good company like that?

Check out Gluten Free Prairie’s products

Isibisi Gluten-Free Pasta on a countertop with a clean, modern kitchen in the background

Isibisi Gluten-Free Pastas

Rumor has it that the best pasta is made in Italy! Perhaps the same can be said for gluten-free pasta. Isibisi pastas are gluten-free pastas made in Italy with no GMOs or additives. They have a long shelf life and their ingredient list is short and simple – corn flour and rice flour – no additives or preservatives. This combo of corn and rice allows for perfect al dente texture and delicious flavor. Their pastas are cut from a bronze die, which apparently gives the pasta a rough texture that allows sauce to cling to it better. Cool, huh? What I love most about their pastas, aside from their corn/rice combo (which is my fave in a GF pasta) is that they come in a variety of shapes, such as spaghetti, baby Mafalda, spirals, penne, macaroni, and fettuccine. This allows you to use their pastas for all your needs – hot spaghetti with meatballs, cold pasta salads, you name it!

Learn more about Isibisi Italian-made pasta

LivOn Labs Glutathione on a counter with lavender in the background

LivOn Labs’ Lipsosomal Glutathione

It seems like every day I learn about a nutrient/vitamin/mineral that is really important that I previously didn’t know anything about! Glutathione is one of them. Sure, I heard the word in passing or read it on labels, but I never really looked into what it is and what it does for us until recently. I regularly take LivOn Labs’ Liposomal Vitamin C and I was looking at what else they offer and started reading about glutathione. In case you’re also in the dark on this, glutathione is an important antioxidant that supports immune function, builds cells and reduces cell damage, helps with the metabolism of toxins, and is helpful for those with asthma, heart disease, cataracts, liver disease, hepatitis, and immune-weakening diseases. Low levels of glutathione has been associated with several medical conditions, so if you struggle with health issues that aren’t under control, do a little digging to see if glutathione might help you. What sets LivOn’s glutathione apart from others is that it’s a liposome-encapsulated supplement, meaning it’s surrounded by double-layered phospholipid spheres (liposomes) that protect the glutathione from the digestive system (where it can be destroyed before reaching cells) and instead transports it into the bloodstream for absorption in the cells.

Learn more about LivOn’s liposomal supplements

Mozart Chocolate Liqueur on a gold placemat with green clovers in the background for St. Patrick's Day

Mozart Chocolate Liqueurs

Creamy chocolate liqueur on the rocks after a long, stressful week? Yes, please! Mozart has become a fast favorite among the staff here at Gluten Free & More, and luckily all of their flavors are now gluten free! Mozart is available in a range of flavors: Chocolate Cream, White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate Strawberry, and Pumpkin Spice. Mozart is produced in Salzburg, Austria and their distillery has been around for more than 60 years. This experience and dedication led to them winning Liqueur Producer of the Year 2020 at the International Wine and Spirit Competition. Enjoy Mozart on the rocks or in cocktails or even desserts! Ditch the Irish coffee this St. Patrick’s Day and instead have some Mozart with chilled coffee and some frothy milk to top it off.

Shop Mozart at your local Total Wine store

Mrs Bickels Cookies and Brownies on a white plate

Mrs. Bickel’s Brownies & Baked Goods

I recently tried Mrs. Bickel’s brownies and cookies and I have to say – wow! They have that homestyle feel with just the right amount of sweetness and the texture you’d expect to sink your teeth into with any baked good (gluten free or not). This company was created by a woman with celiac disease, like some of the best gluten-free companies often are! They handmake GF treats like brownies, blondies, cookies, pizza crusts, and more, in small batches, all from their Las Vegas, NV bakery. One of my favorite goodies of theirs is their Radical Brownies – rich, fudgy, and you can get it with or without walnuts. What’s really great is that they offer low-glycemic goodies for those watching their blood sugar in addition to being gluten-free.

Check out Mrs. Bickel’s delicious GF brownies and more

Paleo Pro Primal Bars on a table and in a basket with flowers in the background

Paleo Pro Primal Protein Bars

No gluten, no grains, no dairy, no legumes (including soybeans), no refined sugars, and minimal processing – these are the hallmarks of a Paleo-friendly diet, and Paleo Pro’s Primal Protein Bars check all these boxes. If you’re a fan of protein bars but hate the excess sugar and fillers that they often carry, these Primal Protein Bars might just be what you’ve been looking for. They are made with premium ingredients, are minimally processed, and are sweetened with honey and a touch of stevia. They contain 15 grams of protein, which comes from grass-fed, pasture-raised beef protein and cage-free egg white protein. Plus, they include healthy fats from almonds and cashews and 15 grams of fiber. These come in either Coconut Cacao or Cherry Cashew varieties. Paleo Pro also offers protein powder, collagen powder, greens powder, and more.

Sink your teeth into Primal Protein Bars

Starlite Cuisine Enchiladas Verdes on a plate with guacamole on the side

Starlite Cuisine

It’s difficult to come by gluten-free, vegan foods that are also soy-free. Often times, companies will use soy as the protein component or as the cheese substitute. But this is not the case with Starlite Cuisine! Starlite Cuisine’s gluten-free, vegan enchiladas are also soy-free. Plus, they are non-GMO and contain no trans fats or cholesterol. This makes quick and easy meals for lunch or last-minute dinners easy – just pop one of these out of the freezer and into the microwave or oven. They’re available in Suiza Cream Sauce, Verdes Style, Rojas Sauce, and Bean and Queso. If you’re wondering what the protein component is in these, it’s pea protein, which is a healthy option for vegan protein. With these meals you’ll get 16 grams of plant-based protein. I love having these on hand for easy lunches and so do the vegan/vegetarian staff members of Gluten Free & More.

Check out Starlite Cuisine’s vegan enchiladas

True Nutrition Smoothie Powder on a countertop with a blender cup

True Nutrition Customizable Protein, Smoothies & Oatmeal

The future of protein is customizable! True Nutrition lets you customize your own protein powder, smoothie powder blends, and oatmeal. Their theory is that protein powder is not a one-size-fits-all kind of product – some people want to add collagen to theirs, others would like a blend of whey protein and egg protein, others are vegan and want a combination of plant-based proteins. True Nutrition lets you take the reigns and design your own on their website. You move the percentages and add “boosts” like collagen, amino acids, and enzymes, and then you choose from a wide selection of flavors. You can even tell them the strength of the flavor – light, regular, or strong. In addition to protein powder, you can customize your own smoothie powder blends with things like beet powder, blueberry powder, collagen, and more. And last but not least, they offer customizable oatmeal blends. Careful on these, as they do have some non-gluten-free options, like farro, so be sure to select only the gluten-free ingredients for your oatmeal blend.

Start customizing your protein and more with True Nutrition

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