Honey Nectarine Crisp.jpg

Honey Almond Nectarine Crisp

Written by Cara Lyons

Chocolate Raspberry Trifles 1.jpg

Individual Chocolate Lovers’ Raspberry Trifles

Written by Cara Lyons

Teff Breakfast Stacks 393x400 1.jpg

Teff Breakfast Stacks

Raisin Latkes 4 1.jpg

Cottage Cheese & Raisin Latkes

Written by Cara lyons

Latke Benny 5 1.jpg

Classic Potato Latkes with Dill

Pair this with a citrus and greens salad, some fresh fruit and a side of spinning dreidels, gelt and smiles to fill you Hanukkah with light.

Apples n Honey Cheesecake

Apples ‘n Honey “Cheesecake”

Written by Cara Lyons