Easy Hatch Chile Cheese Fries

Indulge yourself with the combination of crispy French fries, rich sharp cheddar cheese, and the bold flavor of green chiles. These Easy Hatch Chile Cheese Fries are a breeze to make and also a perfect choice for a quick and delicious snack. The star of this recipe is the Hatch Diced Green Chiles. These chiles […]


Cheesy Spinach Sourdough Stuffing

This cheesy spinach sourdough stuffing is a great change from the usual herb stuffing recipes.

Tomato and Cheese-Pizza-1TN

Tomato and Cheese Pizza

Indulge in the delightful taste of this Tomato and Cheese Pizza that bursts with layers of flavors!


Cheese & Tomato Pastries

These cheese & tomato pastries are the perfect treat for a sunny day festivity!

Plant Based Crunch Wraps stacked and cut in half.

Plant Based Gluten Free Crunch Wrap

My favorite fast-food meal is a crunch wrap. Unfortunately, it is not gluten-free and it was one of the hardest things for me to give up once going gluten-free. This Plant Based Gluten Free Crunch Wrap however, is even better than the ones you can buy and best of all it is easy to make. […]

The Green Chile mac & cheese in a white bowl with a spoon in it.

Green Chile Mac & Cheese

As a kid, the only thing I would eat was mac & cheese. It was my ultimate favorite food, and it still is to this day as an adult. This Green Chile Mac & Cheese is something both kids and adults will both agree on and enjoy. This mac & cheese has Hatch Green Chile […]

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