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Gluten Free Vegetarian Faux Sushi Recipe

Variety is a must when packing a gluten-free lunch for your child. These wraps are packed with healthy ingredients for an easy way to get kids to eat their veggies. These wraps are packed with healthy ingredients for an easy way to get kids to eat their veggies.

Onigiri and Musubi Platter and Fillings

Onigiri is a popular Japanese dish consisting of rice wrapped in nori. It is a portable easy to eat meal that originated in ancient times and has become popular in modern cuisine. The name comes from the Japanese word “nigiru” which means “to grasp” as the rice is pressed by hand. This Onigiri and Musubi […]

Crispy Rice with Szechuan Tofu

Have you heard of this latest TikTok trend called crispy rice? This rice trend on TikTok calls for browning rice and turning it into tiny fried rice cakes. This Crispy Rice with Szechuan Tofu is a tasty take on this trend and best of all its gluten-free. To make this crispy rice recipe you first […]

Nori Wrap

Have you heard of the newest food trend called the nori wrap? The folded sandwich wrap hack is back with a new spin: instead of using a tortilla you use a nori sheet and fill it with your favorite protein and veggies. This Nori Wrap is recipe is delicious and is not only gluten-free but […]

Yuzu Ponzu Tuna Rolls

 Over the past year I’ve loved making sushi from home. It is always such a fun experience and they always come out tasting just as good as the ones you get from a sushi restaurant. Bring the sushi restaurant to your home and give these Yuzu Ponzu Tuna Rolls a try. To make these sushi […]

Tuna poke in a white bowl

Ponzu Tuna Poke Bowls

Have you heard of this must have food trend known as the poke bowl? It’s a traditional Hawaiian dish that has been around for centuries. These bowls resemble a deconstructed sushi roll with fresh raw fish and vegetables found in sushi on top of rice. This Ponzu Tuna Poke Bowl is full of color, fun, […]

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