Recommends: The Maine Pie Co.

It’s only September but the holiday season is already knocking on our doors. We’re currently wrapping up the November/December issue of the magazine, so holiday food is a plenty around these parts and pumpkin spice everything is beginning to line the grocery store shelves. In order to simplify my life, I’m planning for the holidays early this year! I’m jotting down ideas for recipes I’ll cook, determining which dishes I’ll buy already prepared to skip some steps, and figuring out if I’m enlisting family and friends to bring dishes. For the pre-made dishes, so far, I’ve decided that I can confidently relinquish the duty of pie-maker to an outside source rather than roll out handmade pie crust and make pies from scratch this year. That source will be The Maine Pie Co.

The Maine Pie Co. makes delicious gluten-free pies that are assembled, filled and frozen in their dedicated gluten-free facility. These unbaked, frozen pies allow people to have a tasty gluten-free dessert on hand that can be baked to perfection at home, giving your house that fresh baked, homemade smell without the mess of a fully homemade recipe. They offer traditional flavors like apple and blueberry, as well as seasonal pies like strawberry rhubarb, pecan, and pumpkin. I love the pecan pie, it’s absolutely incredible!

If you have a traditional family pie recipe that you’d prefer to make, you can always buy their pie crusts and fill them with whatever your heart (and appetite) desires!

This holiday season, or for any other special occasion, turn to The Maine Pie Co. to help make things easier and tastier!

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