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Recommends: Odd Bagel

There’s a new bagel in town and it’s an odd one. It’s called Odd Bagel, and it was given that name for a reason … it’s not your typical bagel! But in a good way.

Odd Bagel makes bagels that are not just gluten-free but also free from the top 8 allergens, which is good news for people with mixed-allergy households or people who themselves have multiple food restrictions. Plus, these bagels are vegan. AND in addition, they are also free from corn, potato, psyllium, cellulose, chickpea, sorghum, and pea protein.

What I love about Odd Bagel the most is that it takes breakfast, which is generally loaded with gluten, dairy, and egg-based dishes, and pushes those ingredients aside to provide for those who can’t have those items and still want a classic breakfast dish. Use these bagels any way you would use other gluten-free bagels, just note that they are denser than a regular bagel (other gluten-free bagels are also denser than regular ones), so it requires a bit more toasting, in my experience, but the taste and texture is fantastic.

They’re available in Plain, Sesame, Poppy Seed, Everything, Onion, and Cinnamon-Raisin. All varieties I’ve tried are delicious and they really don’t hold back on the flavor; poppy seed is loaded up, everything is truly everything, and onion is busting with savory goodness.

Try Odd Bagel today and you’ll no longer feel like the “odd” one out at breakfast time!

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