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Recommends: Superfree Bakehouse

Ever wonder how companies can make a product taste so good even though it’s free from a ton of ingredients? Despite being gluten-free for 25 years, I still am in awe of how companies can make bread, cookies, cakes, and more without a lot of the common ingredients you’d typically find in those foods. These […]

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Recommends: Odd Bagel

There’s a new bagel in town and it’s an odd one. It’s called Odd Bagel, and it was given that name for a reason … it’s not your typical bagel! But in a good way. Odd Bagel makes bagels that are not just gluten-free but also free from the top 8 allergens, which is good […]

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Recommends: Simple Kneads

It’s no secret that some gluten-free breads can be underwhelming. They can be dry and crumble at a single touch, leaving you unsatisfied. Be unsatisfied no more! Simple Kneads makes gluten-free bread look and taste wonderful! Simple Kneads bread owns its gluten-free status instead of trying to imitate wheat bread. Not only is the bread […]

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Recommends: Canyon Bakehouse

Want to know how to make the gluten-free community sad? Give us tiny bread slices. Unfortunately, many commercial brands of gluten-free bread are itty-bitty, which makes for perfectly fine bread cubes or bread crumbs but makes for less-than-appealing sandwiches. Luckily, Canyon Bakehouse wants to see us happy … so they’ve created larger loaves! Much like […]