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Recommends: Superfree Bakehouse

Ever wonder how companies can make a product taste so good even though it’s free from a ton of ingredients? Despite being gluten-free for 25 years, I still am in awe of how companies can make bread, cookies, cakes, and more without a lot of the common ingredients you’d typically find in those foods. These are products that aren’t just gluten-free, but free from dairy, eggs, and more.

One such company is Superfree Bakehouse, a female- and family-owned gluten-free bakery that makes delicious breads and desserts that are free of gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, corn, rice, potato, coconut, nuts, and are completely vegan. The founder of Superfree Bakehouse first created these foods for her family in 2001, so they make sure to handle allergies with care because it’s not just business, it’s personal!

Superfree Bakehouse’s breads and baked goods are not just super allergen friendly, they’re super yummy, too! The texture is amazing, especially considering that they are made from limited ingredients. And what’s really great is their sourdough bread – it tastes amazing and is made with sauerkraut. If you or your family members are avoiding ingredients in addition to gluten, check out Superfree Bakehouse!

Their products can be shipped nationwide and are available on their website.

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