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It seems almost every day there are new gluten-free products on the market. And while gluten-free consumers may revel in the abundance of new gluten-free products and companies, there’s just something about veteran companies that keeps consumers coming back, time and time again. One such company is Kinnikinnick, a brand that has made gluten-free baked goods, breads, cookies, doughnuts, and baking mixes for 30 years.

Kinnikinnick offers a wide range of products that are staples in mine and many other people’s pantries, such as gluten-free breadcrumbs, bread, cake mix, graham crackers, dinner rolls, pizza crust, pie crust, and much more. All of the Kinnikinnick products I’ve tried – and I’ve tried nearly all of them – are delicious! And best of all, Kinnikinnick is constantly tweaking their recipes for products so that they maintain the same taste and texture but are more accessible to people with multiple food intolerances and allergies. Over the years, they removed dairy, nuts, and soy from their already gluten-free products, and now they’re working on removing egg from whichever products they can.

Development, improvement, and innovation is the name of the game with Kinnikinnick. And so is flavor! Their products taste like their gluten-filled counterparts; their sandwich cookies taste like the usual gluten-filled ones you’d find at any grocery store, their pie crust makes perfect pies that you can share with anyone, gluten-free or not!

If you haven’t tried this longstanding company’s delicious products, it’s time you do! Kinnikinnick is a true household name.

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