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Recommends: Dutch Waffle Company

Coming all the way from the Netherlands, Dutch Waffle Company is here to serve up the best Stroopwafels out there.  Stroopwafels are the number 1 selling cookie in the Netherlands and America is catching on fast. Best of all this premium cookie is gluten-free and organic.

Dutch Waffle Company is a Dutch family business with a passion to provide the ultimate taste experience. They proudly bake fresh Stroopwafels by hand are made from the finest ingredients. Dutch Waffle Company is excited to introduce the United States to the Stroopwafel as a multi-purpose snack and a delicious Dutch treat without artificial flavors or preservatives.

A Stroopwafel is a soft wafer cookie infused with cinnamon and merged with a layer of gooey caramel. This treat is good to be apart of any meal or a delicious snack. There are countless ways to eat these Stroopwafels. You can crumble the cookie up and put it on top of ice cream or yogurt and you can use the Stroopwafel in s’mores in place of graham crackers. My favorite way to eat these are right out of the package and place it on top of my hot coffee to warm up the cookie in the morning.

Dutch Waffle Company also provides a gluten-free No Bake Stroopwafel Pie Crust. This pie crust is gluten-free and organic. Made with crumbs from the Stroopwafels (without the caramel filling), you just have to add melted butter and you have the most delicious pie crust in just 3 minutes. You don’t have to use  No Bake Stroopwafel Pie Crust for just pie crust, if you omit the butter you can use the crumbs in desserts like cupcakes and ‘7 layer bars. The options are endless when it comes to Dutch Waffle Company!

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