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3 products for winter wellness and self-care

Wintertime is a time for coziness, togetherness, joy, and laughter. And, it’s also the time that people spread colds and flus to each other! This time of year is one where people may be battling a cold, trying to prevent from catching one, and/or thinking about the New Year and how they might want to better improve their health and wellbeing. It’s a time of year for New Year’s resolutions to lose weight or get stronger or perhaps just spend more time taking care of ourselves. Wellness and self-care are the topics for today’s post, and we have some products to help get you to your goals.

Country Life Gut Connection supplements

Country Life Gut Connection Supplements

You know what they say, good health starts in the gut! The gut is said to house 70% of your immune system, which means you’ll want it in tip-top shape if you’re trying to fight illnesses, battle digestion issues during the holidays, and feel your best in the coming year. Country Life Gut Connection is a product that helps support a healthy gut microbiome. This line of supplements uses a whole food prebiotic fermentate to feed the naturally occurring probiotics in your gut to nourish and maintain what’s necessary for supporting a healthy digestive lining. The combined power of yeast and fermentation offer benefits like helping to build nutrients and metabolites to promote a vibrant, healthy microbiome. Gut Connection is available in a variety of formulas to help with different functions – digestive (original formula), immune, energy, cognitive, mood, stress, sleep, and weight. Mix and match the different formulas depending on what your body needs at different times of the year.

Check out Country Life Gut Connection Supplements

Gluten Free Soul Pilot Book

Gluten Free Soul Pilot Book Interior

Gluten-Free Soul Pilot Book

Sometimes what you need is a boost in morale, a little nudge in the right direction, and some inspiration to make changes to live a healthier lifestyle. You can get all these from books, like the new book by Jet Widick and Kristen Alden – Gluten-Free Soul Pilot. I could give you my description of the book, but theirs is better: “Gluten Free Soul Pilot uses well-researched principles and proven practices to guide readers through a personal “flight route” – a plan that targets individual needs to achieve better physical, spiritual and emotional health. It is filled with soulful strategies for wellness so you can take control of your mind’s autopilot and spend more of your time and energy on enjoying the authentic, inspired life you were meant to live.” The book inspires you to make goals for exercising, living mindfully, eating well, being kind to your body, and, of course, provides many delicious recipes.

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Paleo Pro Primal Bars

Paleo Pro Primal Protein Bars

If working out, eating right, and getting stronger are parts of your winter wellness plan, then protein is going to play a big role! Paleo Pro is an excellent choice for your protein needs. From protein powder to their new Primal Protein Bars, you’ll have multiple ways to get in that much-needed protein before or after the gym and on-the-go. Their new protein bars contain 14-15 grams of protein from grass-fed, pasture-raised beef protein and non-GMO, cage-free egg white protein. This means they contain no dairy, gluten, whey, or soy. They also contain healthy fats from almonds and cashews. Plus, they’re made with premium ingredients and minimal processing. Available in Cherry Cashew and Coconut Cacao. Pop one of these bars into your gym bag or purse, and make sure you’re getting enough protein to reach your health and fitness goals.

Check out Paleo Pro’s New Primal Protein Bars

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