Chai Sesame Sweeties

Who would’ve thought that the pairing of robust, earthy sesame tahini with warm and toasty chai spices could be so uniquely delicious? These little bites prove it to be so!

Caramel Cashew Cream 400x342 1.jpg

Caramel Cashew Cream

Apples n Honey Cheesecake

Apples ‘n Honey “Cheesecake”

Written by Cara Lyons

Mac n Cheese 600x400 1.jpg

Vegan Mac & Cheese

Written by Alyssa Rimmer

Apricot Swirl Cheesecake Tarts 330x450 1.jpg

No-Bake Apricot Swirl Cheesecake Tarts

Written by Ricki Heller

Strawberry Cilantro Smoothie 370x450 1.jpg

Strawberry Cilantro Smoothie

Written by Amie Valpone

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