Milk and Lactose

The Difference Between Lactose Intolerance & Milk Allergies

How to identify and treat dairy allergy and lactose intolerance symptoms. If you have a dairy allergy, chances are you’ve heard this question many times: So, you’re lactose intolerant, right? Those with dairy issues commonly encounter confusion over milk intolerance and milk allergy. Over the years, I’ve received questions from relatives who can’t understand why […]

Buffalo Soup 1.jpg

Gluten Free Buffalo Wing Soup Recipe

Written by Stephanie O’Dea

Gluten Free French Toast Casserole Recipe Feature

Gluten Free French Toast Casserole Recipe

I love French toast but I don’t always love making it. Standing over the stove, watching to make sure the bread doesn’t burn, flipping it one piece at a time, and repeating for each serving. It’s fine if it’s just for you and another person, but if you want to feed

Gluten Free Dutch Baby Pancake Recipe Feature

Gluten Free Dutch Baby Pancake Recipe

Some foods just seem to have been named by or for children. Toad in the Hole? Pigs in Blankets? Dutch Baby? The latter was actually rumored to have been named by a kid. Dutch baby pancakes were derived from


Mooove Over Cows, It’s Goat Time!

Is Goat Milk Better For You? It’s 2015, and that means it’s the Year of the Goat according to Chinese zodiac. So, what a more fitting time than now to discuss the benefits of goat milk? The market for goat milk in America has been on the upswing in recent years, as people become increasingly aware of food allergies and sensitivities, and […]

Pecan Pie Milkshake 1.jpg

Gluten Free Pecan Pie Milkshakes Recipe

This Gluten Free Pecan Pie Milkshakes recipe takes leftover pecan pie from the holidays and turns it into a delicious new dessert.

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