Holiday Gift Wrap

Holiday Gift Wrapping

With simple household materials, you can change your “brown paper packages, tied up with string” into the prettiest works of art. My daughter, “Milla Plum,” and I gathered several things that we already had to create unique, one of a kind gift wrap. A lovely, personal touch for that special someone.

1. Wrap your gifts up in brown craft or butcher paper and let the fun begin.

Holiday Gift Wrapping Image

2. We found some gold metallic paint on one of our and decided to create our own pretty pattern.
Step 2

3. We painted thick circles on each side of the package. We decided to layer the paint on a little thick to create texture.

Holiday Gift Wrapping Image


4. After a quick dry, we tied up our regular kitchen twine and it was We love how it turned out.
Step 4


5. For our next gift, we took another box, wrapped it in the same brown craft/butcher paper, and tied a cream woven ribbon around it.


Holiday Gift Wrapping Image


6. I then asked my daughter to go for a short walk outside and pick me the most beautiful flowers, with stems, that she could find. She quickly ran out and returned with a fist full. We chose two of our favorites and tied them onto our package.


Dtep 6 Giftwrapping


It was perfect and so easy!




Editor’s note: Pretty silk flowers from the craft or dollar store can be used in place of fresh flowers.



Here are some other ideas:

– Using brightly colored yarn, tie old wooden spools into your bows and knots for a pretty homemade feel.

– Use stamps, stickers, or pretty paper tape as another option to create your own, personalized gift wrap pattern.

– Create yarn pompoms, using your hands or a pom pom maker, and use them to adorn your gifts instead of a bow.

– Let your kids paint a pretty picture atop brown or white paper or let them color with crayons or markers. Use their artwork as gift wrap. The perfect choice for the grandparents, perhaps? Have fun and get creative! Your kids will love to get in on the gift wrapping fun and will be extra excited to deliver their personal work of art to that special someone.

Written by Miss James Kicinski. Find her at

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