Chocolate Berry Parfait

Chocolate Berry Parfait

This delectable treat is perfect for a Valentine’s evening. Composed of just a handful of ingredients, this requires no culinary expertise.


Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Parfait

These Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Parfaits are similar to a sundae, but the layers mean you get a taste of everything with each bite!


Easy Strawberry Parfait

Celebrate strawberry season with this easy strawberry parfait

Closeup of Chocolate Strawberry Parfait layered in a clear glass with whole strawberries and mint leaves next to it on a white wood table

Dairy-Free Chocolate Strawberry Parfait

For a little twist on a classic parfait, this Dairy-Free Chocolate Strawberry Parfait recipe includes the addition of homemade chocolate pudding and is topped with fresh strawberries instead of granola. It’s a deliciously sweet treat that you can feel good about eating and can

Berry & Lemon Yogurt Parfaits

Berry & Lemon Yogurt Parfaits

This gluten-free Berry & Lemon Yogurt Parfaits Recipe is light and simple which is perfect when it comes to spring desserts.

Summer Fruit Parfait

Gluten-Free Hazelnut Granola Parfaits with Summer Fruits

These Gluten-Free Hazelnut Granola Parfaits with Summer Fruits are a simple yet beautiful way to frill up a bowl of seasonal fruit.

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