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Recommends: Odd Bagel

There’s a new bagel in town and it’s an odd one. It’s called Odd Bagel, and it was given that name for a reason … it’s not your typical bagel! But in a good way. Odd Bagel makes bagels that are not just gluten-free but also free from the top 8 allergens, which is good […]


Recommends: Cassava

Certain foods just deserve more praise and celebration when you find them gluten-free. You can find gluten-free bars, crackers, and cookies by the dozen – but certain items, like donuts, ravioli, and empanadas, for example, are harder to find gluten-free, so when you do … you shout it from the rooftops! Today’s rooftop shouting is […]

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Recommends: True Nutrition

You want to hear something genius?! You can customize your own protein powders. It’s a great time to be alive, am I right?! I mean seriously, think about it: protein powders often contain any number of unknown ingredients, from preservatives to artificial sweeteners to food dyes and more, and that’s not even including allergens. So […]


Recommends: Dare Foods/Breton Crackers

Crackers have come a long way since I first went gluten-free more than 25 years ago. These days, it’s not only rare but completely unacceptable to bite into a gluten-free cracker that tastes anything less than what a conventional cracker would taste like. That might be a bold statement, but frankly, I think that’s the […]

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Recommends: Montana Gluten Free

Montana Gluten Free is a company I’ve recently tried and I have to say, I’m so impressed! You really get a sense of pride from their products, and a sense of quality and attention to detail. Their standards include ELISA testing at less than 3 ppm of gluten, carefully monitored fields, dedicated equipment, and a […]

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Recommends: Isibisi

Gluten-free pasta has come quite a long way since I first went gluten-free more than 25 years ago. What used to be a crumbly mess eventually became tolerable and over the years it evolved into what it is today – a perfect alternative to wheat-based pasta. There are so many varieties made with all different […]


Steiner’s Coffee Cake of New York

There’s nothing quite like a coffee cake to bring a smile to your face, whether it’s for a weekend brunch with friends or family or just to treat yourself to a special breakfast or dessert. Steiner’s Coffee Cake of New York is fantastic! Authentic, real ingredients like real vanilla, sour cream, butter, sugar, eggs, and […]


Recommends: Homefree

Ever have an award-winning cookie? Like not just “mom’s best cookie” but an actual award! Well it’s time you try Homefree cookies – not just award-winning but multiple-award-winning! These cookies received the Best Snack Award from Shape Magazine, the Favorite Allergy Friendly Sweets Award from About.com’s National Reader’s Choice Awards, and the Food & Beverage […]


Recommends: Chopin Vodka

Despite popular belief, not all vodka is made from potatoes. In fact, a lot of vodka is made from grains like wheat and corn. Real potato vodka is a better choice than grain vodka for people who are gluten-free. One of the brands I like is Chopin. Chopin is “the world’s most awarded potato vodka” […]

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Recommends: Epilynx

If you have celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, does gluten-free makeup really matter? That’s a common question and my answer is this: gluten is generally too large of a molecule to get into your pores, however, if you have blemishes, a scrape, etc. then yes, gluten can seep in. And more important, if something is […]